My Work

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I am an Actor.
Some people say that I should use the term ‘actress.’ Call it semantics – if I were a ‘doctor’ would you really care? Besides I only feel like an actress on a Good Hair Day!!

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My Story


I am a Survivor.
(With a capital ‘S’ as in a title I have well earned!) My Great- Aunt used to say, “The Good Lord won’t put more on you, than you can bear… I just wish he didn’t trust me so much!” I feel you Aunt Neenie!

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My Mission

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I am an Advocate.
My Mission is to ensure that patients everywhere are aware of their rights and that they receive quality healthcare delivered safety.

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My Passion

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I am a Speaker.
I share my story with everyone who will listen in the hopes that I can open hearts & minds and ultimately inspire positive action.

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